- Leonor Shuber

-------- About the Artist

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this talented emerging artist began her artistic development when, at the age of ten, she completed her very first oil painting.

She studied under the instruction of Professor Isabel Hernandez at the school of Beaux Arts in Argentina, developing under her tutelage the seeds of what would become a distinctive style.

Leonor graduated with honors from Model High School, and continued her studies at the University of Buenes Aires.

Shortly thereafter she was forced to leave Argentina due to political turmoil. While in Israel, she majored in English and Spanish Literature at Jerusalem's Hebrew University, solidifying a rounded background in the Liberal Arts. Simultaneously, she studied art and sculpture at the prestigious Israel Museum. 

Following a temporary return to Argentina, Leonor enrolled in the Japanese School of Garden Design and Architecture. The focus of these studies afforded Leonor with an appreciation of alternative art forms.

During this time she participated in the workshops of Beatriz Pereyre, working "a plein air" and with figure modeling.

Visiting the Southern region of France - the Cote Azur - for a few months gave her the unparalleled opportunity to study the works of the master artists who lived in that area, including Monet, Picasso, and Chagall.

A resident of North Miami Beach, Florida since 1991, she has been learning new techniques through her residence here.

In 1997, Leonor took classes with abstract artist Frank Monaco of Hollywood, Florida. In 1998 she worked with and studied sculpture with acclaimed artist Zina Passover.

She is currently enrolled at the University of Miami, Florida International University and Miami Arts Center.

This emerging artist is constantly refining her style and developing an already prodigious technique.

About her Work -------------------

Leonor works in all mediums, but she prefers working in pastels. Her portraits, landscapes and still-lifes are singularly colorful. Even when she is working in a monochromatic palette her works contain a myriad of values that trick the mind into "seeing" different nuances. Her art stirs the emotions and sets moods which can be happy, dreamy, romantic, melancholic, nostalgic or any combination thereafter.

Her style is a product of the mind and the heart. The subjects of her works are reminiscent of realistic objects, but the shapes, colors and shadows set a mood that separates her work from mere reality. Her art displays a spontaneity and imagination that allows the mind to perceive familiar shapes in a surreal, almost mystical setting.

The colors chosen for each piece are an expression of deep emotions which transform a simple object into a subjective display of moods.

Leonor strives to make her art meaningful. Utilizing representations of ideal beauty that aim to heal, calm and harmonize our spirits, Leonor celebrates life in each piece.,

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